Pyjama Girls

Venue: Cineworld, Parnell Square, Dublin 1 Website: http://www.cineworld.ie/  Price: €8.60 for students Date: October 1st-7th Time: various


It’s the Irish documentary that everyone’s talking about – and it’s coming to Cineworld Dublin! ‘Pyjama Girls’, is a new Irish documentary by Maya Derrington that examines the lives of two Dublin teenagers. The film sold out its week-long run at the IFI and was moved from the smallest to the largest screen after one day. According to IFI director Sarah Glennie, “The film attracted a new audience profile to the cinema – it’s pyjama-mania!” The film takes its title from a phenomenon that began in Dublin and spread to cities all around Ireland and in the UK. In a society that seems increasingly hard to shock, public pyjama-wearing stands out as a statement that still generates controversy, often being viewed as a uniform of anti-social behaviour. ‘Pyjama Girls’ slips behind the confrontational facade to provide an intimate portrayal of Lauren and Tara, two teenagers from Ballyfermot, along with their families and friends.


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