Bake Sale to Fight World Hunger


Venue: Blackhall Building B, lobby Website: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=204375712912810 Price: Various Date: Wednesday, March 30th and Tuesday, March 31st Time: 9 am to noon both days

***A Note from your RD: Crystal Flasch, one of your beloved programme mates, is organizing a bake sale with all proceeds to be donated to charity. Please stand with me in supporting Crystal with this noble endeavor by donating baked goods and purchasing as much home crafted goodness as your stomach and wallets can bear. I am sure you all are aware that my first love is baking—I am opening up my kitchen to anyone who would like to join me for a day of baking and laughter to support a good cause on Tuesday, March 29th.  For those who can’t donate—make sure you attend Crystal’s bake sale and support her and the millions of people suffering from starvation across the world by purchasing something.***


Love baked goods, coffee, or/and tea? Always wanting something to eat/drink before class but never have time? Then come to the bake sale to help raise money for Gorta, a charity that works to demolish world hunger. To learn more about Gorta, go to http://www.gorta.org/home/. Gorta’s vision is a world where there is no hunger and where the poorest rural communities have the means to create a positive future for themselves and their children. This bake sale will be a nice place to relax, grab a delicious snack, and will help support a really good cause. Please come to this bake sale to help support this organization and to fight world hunger! Love to bake or would like to donate a baked good? You are more than welcome and encouraged to do that! You are welcome to bring anything from cake to cookies, brioche to buns, scones to bread! The bake sale will be on March 30th and 31st running from 9am to noon and there will be a variety of baked goods and drinks that will be served. If you have any questions or would like to donate a baked good, please email Crystal at: crystal.flasch@snc.edu


Donate baked goods and Help fight world hunger!


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