Franco-Irish Literary Festival


Venue: Dublin Castle, The Coach House and Alliance Française Website: http://www.francoirishliteraryfestival.com/2011/ Price: FREE Date: April 8-10th, 2011 Time: various


La nouvelle génération est épouvantable. J’aimerais tellement en faire partie!  Oscar Wilde

The Franco-Irish Literary Festival is a meeting place for everyone interested in Irish and French Literature. A symbol of the strong links which unite France and Ireland, the Dublin Franco-Irish Literary Festival is the opportunity, with each new edition, to discover the incredible wealth of the respective literatures. On 26 July 2010, Dublin was elected UNESCO City of Literature. Alliance Française rejoices in this nomination recognising the efforts undertaken by the city and by the Festival to promote literature. A key event in the Dublin literary calendar, the festival has continued to grow in renown since its beginnings in 2000. For eleven years now, they have unveiled the different aspects of French, Irish and international literature! This year’s theme is: generations. We all have the feeling of belonging to a certain generation, but based on what criteria? Is it being in the same age bracket? Is it common values and tastes? Is it the shared experience of a social and political event (the Baby-boom Generation, the Generation of ‘68, the Internet Generation, etc)? As this quotation from Oscar Wilde illustrates so well, this universal theme is also a paradox: are we in step with our generation? That is why it raises so many question marks and feeds debate. This year the festival will therefore be geared towards the various issues around generations and their depiction in literature. Organised jointly by the Alliance Française Dublin and the Cultural Service of the French Embassy, the festival is also the result of the generosity of many partners who, by their support, contribute to the ever increasing success of the event.

Please view this link to browse the 2011 programme: http://www.francoirishliteraryfestival.com/2011/Programme.pdf


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