My Pick: Boojum

Venue: Millennium Walkway Dublin 1 (just beside the Jervis Street Luas Stop)  Website: http://www.boojummex.com/dublin.html  Price: €6.00 for students Date: Ongoing Time: Mon-Fri 11:30-9:00 pm Sat 12:00-9:00 pm Sun Closed


When students used to ask me where they could find good Mexican food in Dublin, I  would always tell  them to abandon hope and save Mexican dining for their return Stateside. Dublin used to be a veritable vortex for Mexican food— it was nearly impossible to find a burrito for under 16 Euro. Not so anymore. I am happy to report that the recession has brought one much-needed alteration to life in the Fair City: an influx of cheap, good, burrito bars.  Much like the genesis of cafe culture in the 1990s—convenience dining is becoming a reality of life in Dublin—and at a pace. Pablo Picante opened up on Baggot Street last April heralding in hoards of suit clad bankers for their afternoon burrito fix (a second branch just opened up on Clarendon Street near the DBS Balfe Street buildings).  May saw the N’Oirish brain child, Boojum  bring  Burrito goodness all the way down from Belfast  and July witnessed the revival of the long since mourned Burritos and Blues (this time under better management and situated in a better location). My top pick is Boojum:  both for convenience sake (it is just a hop, skip and a jump away from Blackhall), for quality and for its amazing student deal which includes any item on the menu plus a bottle of water for just €6.00! You can choose from tacos, nachos, burritos (any kind your little heart desires) or three mini burritos. Fillings include: chicken; steak; shredded beef; pulled pork and vegetarian and most importantly they have a choice of black or pinto beans.  There’s four different types of salsa and good guacamole, sour cream, cheese, lettuce etc…  That said, on any given day you can find me indulging at my local and delicious burrito spot: Pablo Picante! Pablo Picante and Burritos and Blues are most certainly worth a visit as well. Pablo has style and quality—with Burritos and Blues dishing up tasty Mexican until the early hours of 4:00 am.

 You can find them here:

 Burritos and Blues: 2 Wexford Street, Dublin 2:  http://www.yelp.ie/biz/burritos-and-blues-dublin

 Pablo Picante: 131 Baggot Street, Dublin 2: http://pablopicante.org/


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