The Dublin City Fringe Festival

Venue: Across Dublin Website: www.fringefest.com Price: Various Date: September 10th – September 25th Time: Various

‘Recession friendly ticket prices for a slew of cultural delights’


Dublin City Fringe is Ireland’s largest multi-disciplinary arts festival. Now in its 17th year, the festival stages up to 650 events including music, dance, theatre and visual art in over 40 venues, and around 150,000 people have at least one Fringe experience during the Festival.

Described as the largest festival of its type in Ireland, director Róise Goan said: “The fringe is not a place where you see hackneyed historical drama. The great thing is that it’s a really exciting meeting place between artists and audiences”.

For 16 days the festival transforms Dublin into a ‘dream factory’, an exposé of great creative talent from around the globe. It is a platform for the best new, emerging Irish arts companies and a showcase for the best contemporary theatre and dance shows touring internationally. For artists, the Fringe facilitates an opportunity to innovate, to cross disciplines and boundaries and to find new ways and places to create work.

To attract aspiring (and inspiring) artists, the fringe offers workshops throughout the festival to teach a wide variety of skills such as tassel swirling, hip hop, tai chi, and others to aid in exploring what’s new in the arts.

Each performance takes place in a venue which is deemed most suitable to the show. This can range from a number of cafes and theatres, as well as less traditional venues such as the Liffey Boardwalk or on a Dublin bus.

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