Burlesque Awards Ceremony


Venue: The Sugar Club, 8 Lwr Leeson Street, Dublin 2 Website:  www.thedublinburlesquefestival.com Price: €20 Date: September 25th Time: 8:30pm 

Sunday’s Burlesque awards show at the Sugar Club will be the grand finale of this weekend’s Dublin Burlesque Festival and for anyone with a taste for the vintage and the dramatic this is a show not to miss. It is the culminating event in a weekend of burlesque and cabaret wonders.  For the uninitiated, burlesque is about glamour, escapism and frivolous fun. Unlike modern day strip clubs, burlesque clubs place an emphasis on entertainment and humour – granted there’s titillation, but there’s a lot else besides. Song, dance, costume, music and art: you’ll find it all here. Sunday’s show, hosted by the highly entertaining Des O’Connor will see the announcement of the festival winners in each category and will include special performances by renowned Irish and International acts as well as the amazing vocal stylings of Ms. Truly DiVine. Step back in time and revel in the wonderful speakeasy atmosphere of this celebration of sensuality!


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