Temple Bar First Thursdays

Venue: Various Website: www.templebar.ie/Event/First_Thursdays_Dublin Price: Free Date: Ongoing, first Thursday of each month Time: Various


If you missed out on Culture Night this year, here is another chance to get a hit of after-hours culture. First Thursdays is inspired by the event of the same name that now regularly takes place in London. On the first Thursday of every month, a selection of galleries and creative spaces open their doors to allow you to experience art, culture and events in a number of venues, including the Project Arts Centre, the Gallery of Photography and the Monster Truck Gallery and Studios.

If you associate Temple Bar with pubs and tourists, this is a chance to challenge your preconceptions and see a different aspect of the area. Temple Bar is not only culturally vibrant and hip but somewhere in there, amidst all the bars and restaurants, is some of the finest contemporary architecture in the city. In a place with as much visual stimuli as Temple Bar, often you need to be on the threshold of a building before you actually stop, look up and really see and appreciate it for what it is. Temple Bar First Thursdays are proof that cutting edge artwork is alive and well in Dublin despite the recession!


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