The Exchequer’s Sunday Roast Deal

Venue: 3-5 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2 Website: www.theexchequer.ie Price: €39.95 for 4 Date: Ongoing Time: All day Sunday

“gastropub, n. Brit. A public house which specializes in serving high-quality food.”

Far from home and craving the comforting smell of a roast on Sundays? Fear not, I’ve found the perfect deal for you! Not only is the Exchequer the best that Dublin has to offer in terms of gastropub delights (it won the Gastropub of the Year award in 2010), but it also has the coziest of atmospheres and, with its Sunday Roast Deal, is accessible to all. Some lucky candidate amongst you can even take the top-dog job of carving the roast at table.

You can have your choice of a roast rack of pork (for 4), a roast chicken (for 4), or the special roast of the season (for 2/4 depending on the roast), with stuffing, veg, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, unlimited gravy (!!!!!) and a bottle of house wine all for only €39.95 (the beef roast is more expensive at €59.95 but still a good deal between four).

In order to ensure you get your roast dinner on the Sunday, you need to book the Friday before, at the latest (you can imagine how popular this offer is). After that, all you need to decide on are the three lucky friends who’ll share your home-from-home table. As one reviewer has put it, ‘the entire afternoon felt like an ad for the joy of Sunday with friends’.


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