Darklight Festival 2011

Venue: The Factory, 35a Barrow Street, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 4 Website: www.darklight.ie Price: Day Pass €10/ 3-Day Pass €20 Date: October 20th – 22nd Time: Various

This year, the Darklight festival theme is ‘Strictly Roots’. As the title suggests, the festival will focus on elements of grassroots film-making including crowd funding, production, distribution and much more. Much attention will be given to how friends and communities come together and, against the backdrop of global financial meltdown, still manage to make moving, hilarious and challenging films. As always, the festival’s main aim is to shed light on fantastic work by new and emerging talents. A three-day pass costs €20, which covers membership and access to the Darklight Closing Party on Saturday evening. The festival will include workshops, exhibitions, talks and, of course, screenings of great films. All of this is taking place at a venue supremely fit for purpose on the visually impressive Grand Canal Dock. If you are interested in any aspect of filmmaking from production to acting, you cannot afford to miss this opportunity to speak to people who share your passion and possibly even make some valuable contacts.



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