The The Cake Café

Venue: 62 Pleasants Place, Dublin 8 Website: www.thecakecafe.ie Price: Various Date: Ongoing Time: Mon 8:30-6:00pm, Tues-Fri 8:30-8:00pm, Sat 9:00-5:30pm


Ah, the very name is comforting! This is such a little gem of a café, and no matter how many people come to know of its existence, it will always feel like you’ve stepped into the Secret Garden when you come here. The owners certainly know how to make a tough location work for them. The café is situated down a not-so-easy to find alley off Camden Street but the easiest way to get there is to simply walk through Daintree stationery shop (whose shop front is at 61 Camden Street) until you come out the back and into the Cake Café courtyard. Here, you’ll find yourself in a small leafy paradise with the tinkle of cutlery promising even greater things. The furnishings in the café have a retro feel and on the whole it is all very whimsical. There is a wide selection of sweet and savoury cakes and tarts to choose from as well as non-cake lunch alternatives. I recommend the Hot Pot and the Lemon Slice (it’s not at all the boring choice the name suggests, I promise). The café can get busy and more than once I have had to change my choice because they have run out of popular items. If you can make it before the lunch-time rush you shouldn’t be disappointed. It’s also a nice spot to visit in the middle of the day to sit with a coffee and a book or catch up with a friend.



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