Northside Ghost Tour

Venue: Around Dublin’s Northside Website: www.hiddendublinwalks.ie Price: €13 Date: October 28th&October 30th Time: 8:00 pm


This fantastic ghost walk runs all year long but this weekend will undoubtedly be the best time to avail of it. Hidden Dublin Walks will take participants through one of the oldest parts of Dublin; the area once known as Oxmantown. This former Viking enclave has a rich and haunted history. Walkers will discover the site of Saint Mary’s Abbey; one of the most powerful monastic settlements in Ireland in medieval times, now just a small ruin down an alleyway, passed by thousands of oblivious commuters every day. They will also hear the story of Lord Norbury, the infamous and sadistic ‘Hanging Judge’ who presided over the trial of Robert Emmet. Emmet himself might make an appearance, for it is said he can still be found peering out of the window at The Brazen Head, looking to see if those who approach are friend or foe. Other areas of interest along the way include haunted houses and hospitals and the site of a former mass grave. No wonder Bram Stoker, author of Dracula and native of Clontarf, found such inspiration in this city!


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