Science Week 2011– The Chemistry of Life

Venue: Nationwide Website: www.scienceweek.ie  Price: FREE Date: November 13th—November 20th Time: Various

As 2011 is the International Year of Chemistry, it is only fitting that this year’s theme for National Science Week is ‘The Chemistry of Life’. Throughout the week, a series of nationwide events will bring to life chemistry’s vital role in society. From the toothpaste we use to clean our teeth to the mobile phone in our pockets – chemistry is all around us! Science Week will also demonstrate the importance of chemistry to the future development of the Irish economy.

The full programme can be consulted on the website and includes a variety of lectures and talks covering everything from food science to forensics, immunology to careers in space.  For out-and-out science geeks one highlight will undoubtedly be the lecture on Geometric Physics to be given by Harvard Professor Cumrun Vafa in the J.M. Synge lecture theatre at Trinity College Dublin (November 19th 6:30 p.m.). Amongst other weird and wonderful things, Professor Vafa will be focusing on string theory! All event listings give an indication of the target audience and all are absolutely free (although some events may require prior booking).

In the video above, you can check out the views of some Irish people on the role of chemistry, including the notorious Rubberbandits (a satirical comedy hip-hop duo hailing from Limerick)—it certainly brightened up my day!


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