Pavilion Theatre: Out of Time

Venue: Pavilion Theatre, Marine Road, Dun Laoghaire Website: www.paviliontheatre.ie  Price: €17 concession Date: November 24th Time: 8:00 pm


“A remarkably uplifting and extraordinarily moving memoir in motion”.      Irish Independent

 “There have been few, if any, more eloquent or effective debates that have taken place on the subject of what constitutes the nature of Irish step dancing”. Irish Independent

“‘Intimate, sincere and funny”. Irish Times

Combining dance, sound design, film and spoken commentary, Out of Time is a fascinating, intimate, personal and provocative insight into Dunne’s private world as a dancer rooted in the Irish step dance tradition. Best known for his performances and choreography in Riverdance, Colin Dunne has been forging a new creative path in recent years. He was nominated for an Olivier Award and a UK Critics Circle Award for his performance in Out of Time and media reviews have hailed the show as a truly absorbing performance.

In Out of Time, Dunne in many ways works out his contradictory feelings about the form of dance he had mastered by the age of ten. As a result, the performance is as much about Dunnne’s deconstruction and reconfiguration of Irish step-dancing as it is a celebration of the art. As one guardian reviewer has put it: “it is definitely not one for the Riverdance fanclub”.

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