JJ Smyth’s Jazz and Blues Club

Venue: JJ Smyth’s, 12 Aungier Street, Dublin 2 Website: http://www.jjsmyths.com Price: Various, between €8- €10 Date: December 2nd Time: 9:00pm-12:30am

JJ Smyth’s is Dublin’s premier live jazz and blues venue, the closest you’ll get to New Orleans in Ireland, and it’s on your doorstep! JJ’s is a family owned bar that started off as a grocery shop and pub in the 1730’s. Nowadays it is renowned for its high-quality, good value jazz and blues gigs. You can find music here six nights a week and admission is usually no more than €10.

The highlight this week is the wonderful Clara Rose, an Irish Roots and Blues musician who, along with her band, has become a must-see at various arts and musical festivals around the country. You can catch her at JJ’s this Friday from 10pm. Pull your hat low on your brow and don your huskiest voice for a night of authentic jazz and blues!


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