Aidan Bishop – Misspelled

 Venue:  The Workman’s Club: 10 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2
Website:  http://www.theworkmansclub.com/   Price: €10 Date: Friday, February 10, 2012 Time: 8 pm


Aidan Bishop, brother of the famous Des Bishop of immersion fame:   performs his show on growing up with dyslexia for one night only at the Workman’s Club in Dublin. Not only is it a fantastic venue, but Aidan is rumoured to be an up-and-coming comedian.

The text below is taken from the Chortle Review, located here:


“Fifteen per cent of the world’s population have dyslexia which, as of 2008, now includes Aidan Bishop.

Bishop’s show is an educational piece exploring the issues, myths and his personal struggles with the condition. His opening video, shot in Dublin, quickly gets out of the way the old gag about dyslexia being hard to spell and establishes that most people don’t know, or seem unwilling to state, much about the condition. Bishop wants to change that.

This show is a deeply personal journey about his linguistical failings before he understood he had dyslexia, a common one being the use of similar sounding words, such as saying volcano when he meant tornado. By his own admission, his New York Queens accent never sounds the smartest, which coupled with the dyslexia means he was inevitable perceived as dumb and lazy. Despite not initially getting into university he persevered and finally made it, graduating with a history degree.”


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