Venue: IFSC George’s Dock Website: http://www.oktoberfest-dublin.de/ Price: Free entry  Date: Sept 20th – Oct 7th Time: 5pm onwards

What’s the point in travelling during your midterm break when you can sample the best parts of the continent on your own doorstep? Munich’s Oktoberfest has found it’s spiritual home here in Dublin in the last few years and the locals love it.

The traditional German market will feature over thirty German speciality food producers and German traders, who are all travelling to Dublin for the Oktoberfest. Visitors will be introduced to the very best of Bavarian food and specialities from sausages, meat, pastries, Käsespätzle (cheese noodles) to mountain cheese and ginger bread hearts.

Alongside the many surprising foods on offer, visitors will have the opportunity to experience a truly authentic Bavarian style wheat beer. Learn to sing a yodel or dance a polka, as traditional Bavarian musicians, Die Alpen-show, will also play throughout the 18-day event.

Queues are long on a Friday and Saturday evening so make sure to get there bright and early to sample the not so local delicacies!

Alcohol will be available at this event to those over the age of 18. Please always drink sensibly and responsibly.


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