Welcome FIE Dublin students!

For tips and the low down on what’s new, what’s interesting, what’s cheap and what’s maybe just a little bit unusual–this blog should be your first stop. It will be updated regularly when new events; festivals; restaurants; nightclubs; theatre; pubs; special offers etc… come our way. So keep your eyes open and your appetite for adventure keen. 

Welcome to dear, old, dirty Dublin! Soak it up.

Feel free to leave comments with new events or ideas–or just to tell us what a great job we’re doing! Reviews of events attended are always appreciated–that goes for whether you liked or hated something. Fan mail/Hate mail can be sent to the following address:  gjudsonj@fie.org.uk

Additionally you can always check out our website at:  http://www.fie.org.uk

And our Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Foundation-for-International-Education-Ireland/189482861132538?ref=hl

Thanks for reading! Now get out and explore the town!

With affection,


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